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Gold series

This is a subscription series for those who wish to make an additional contribution to the orchestra and contains the same concerts as the Aula series.

Gold Series contains 8 concerts:

Season Opening with Kornstad Trio  27 August

On tour with Tine  8 October

German Romantic with French charm  12November

Lorenza Borrani  11 February

Pekka Kuusisto  10 March

Fanny and Felix  21 April

Grosse Fuge 12 May

Lorenza Borrani with Haydn  9 June

For any inquiries, please contact us via email or tel 24 05 55 50.

Price categories

Categori 1 : Row 1 - 13 in University Aula (subject to availabilities)

Categori 2 : Row 14 - 21 in University Aula  


Gold Aula

Categori 1  Kr 3480,-
Categori 2  Kr 3160,-

To purchase subscription, simply send us an email with the desired series and your contact information here

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