Gold series

This is a subscription series for those who wish to make an additional contribution to the orchestra and contains the same concerts as the Aula series.

Gold Series contains 8 concerts:

Season Opening with Kornstad Trio  27 August

On tour with Tine  8 October

German Romantic with French charm  12November

Lorenza Borrani  11 February

Pekka Kuusisto  10 March

Fanny and Felix  21 April

Grosse Fuge 12 May

Lorenza Borrani with Haydn  9 June

For any inquiries, please contact us via email or tel 24 05 55 50.

Price categories

Categori 1 : Row 1 - 13 in University Aula (subject to availabilities)

Categori 2 : Row 14 - 21 in University Aula  


Gold Aula

Categori 1  Kr 3480,-
Categori 2  Kr 3160,-

To purchase subscription online, simply register the desired series with your contact information here. 


Thank you for your order. You will be shortly contacted with more details about your subscription series. Best wishes, Norwegian Chamber Orchestra