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Brahms & Kuusisto

Foto: Bård Gundersen

In an orchestra, the viola often finds itself cast in the role of the supportive sibling, the butt of many jokes and the subject of numerous tales. Yet, tonight, it takes center stage in Brahms' String Quintet featuring double violas, here arranged for a full string orchestra. With as many violas as violins, the dynamic shifts, unveiling a new equilibrium and harmony within the ensemble. The dual viola parts introduce a fresh perspective, enriching both melody and harmony. Amidst this, the viola asserts its unique voice while reinforcing the voices over and below it, fostering a newfound harmony within the group.


Additionally, we wish to honor the cello concerto of Jaakko Kuusisto, brother of our esteemed artistic director Pekka and a close friend of tonight’s soloist Timo-Veikko Valve. Regarding the programming of this piece, Pekka comments the following. "Timo-Veikko Valve, or Tipi, as we call him, is an old family friend of my brother and I. In fact, Jaakko used to be married to his older sister when Tipi was just a kid. When he told me he was touring with Jaakko’s concerto, and asked if he could come and play it with the gang in Oslo, I thought it was a beautiful proposal from him. That it’s not ‘memorial nepotism’ on my side, but merely friends celebrating a gorgeous piece by a fabulously gifted sweetheart gone too soon.”

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Tuesday 7 January 7pm

Universitetets Aula


Johann Sebastian Bach

Invention, BWV 772, No. 1

Jaakko Kuusisto

Cello Concerto

Olivia Bettina Davies


Johannes Brahms

Quintet in G major, Op. 111, arr. for strings


Pekka Kuusisto, artistic director

Timo-Veikko Valve, solist

Listen to preview


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Tue 11 February
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