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Season Opening

Foto: Magnus Skrede

The start of a new season always stirs an additional layer of anticipation, akin to the excitement we felt returning to school after a long summer break. Though for many of us, those memories may seem distant, the thrill remains vivid, as if it were only yesterday.


With Bartok's Divertimento and Vaughan-Williams' Fantasy on a theme by Thomas Tallis, we delve into familiar territory. These compositions, deeply rooted in classical traditions, resonate with the essence of their eras while retaining their distinctiveness.

Our program juxtaposes the works of these venerable masters with those of contemporary women composers. Our aim is not to create a contrast, but rather to highlight the richness that arises from the interplay of diverse artistic expressions. Caroline Shaw draws inspiration from Haydn's String Quartet Op.77, No.2, while Agnes Ida Pettersen embarks on her own creative journey, exploring tonality and the natural scale as her guiding principles.

Tuesday 27 August 7pm

Universitetets Aula


Agnes Ida Pettersen

Suite: Epilog, Idiom og Essay for strings

Ralph Vaughan Williams

Fantasy on a theme of Thomas Tallis

Caroline Shaw


Béla Bartók



Det Norske Kammerorkester

Pekka Kuusisto Artistic Director

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