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«Only for connoisseurs»

Foto: Bård Gundersen

The title is from Beethoven's own words in a letter to his friend after the premiere of his String Quartet No. 11 . This is the last quartet from what is considered his middle period in string quartet composition. Brimming with innovative techniques and audacious harmonic progressions, this quartet serves as a harbinger of the revolutionary genius in Beethoven's oeuvre. It is said that the composer believed that only those possessing the discernment and depth of a true music connoisseur could fully appreciate the breadth of his artistic vision embodied in this work. Simultaneously, the quartet resonates with explosive fervour, cloaked in a rich tapestry of fury. It undeniably channels Beethoven's profound indignation following Napoleon's onslaught on Austria the preceding year, a sentiment palpably conveyed through the music's visceral intensity. Bestowed with the epithet "Serioso" by Beethoven himself, this composition stands as a testament to his unwavering determination and resolve.

In our ongoing quest for contemporary musical voices, Lorenza Borrani has illuminated our path, this time by introducing us to the cellist and composer Ursina Braun and her remarkable violin concerto. Premiered in March 2024 in Tromsø, with Lorenza herself as the soloist alongside the Arctic Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, Braun's concerto captivates with its innovative spirit and evocative lyricism.

Tue 11 March 7pm

Universitetets Aula


Franz Schubert

Quartettsatz in c minor, D703

Ursina Braun

Violin Concerto

Ludwig van Beethoven

String Quartet No. 11 i f minor, Op. 95


Lorenza Borrani, guest director / solist

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