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A glance at the definition of the word ‘serenade’ in the Norwegian Encyclopedia reveals two central works; Mozart's Eine kleine Nachtmusik and Serenade for Tenor, Horn, and Strings by Benjamin Britten. Both works grace tonight’s programme, and in Britten, we present two of the fineste musicians in their respective fields. Pekka Kuusisto has had a longstanding collaboration with tenor Allan Clayton and hornist Alec Frank-Gemmill, and this evening, he eagerly shares their exceptional artistic qualities with the audience.

Additionally, we shine a spotlight on the seemingly understated gem of the evening, Poem by Rebecca Clarke. Additionally, we shine a spotlight on the seemingly understated gem of the evening, "Poem" by Rebecca Clarke. As the first female student at the Royal Academy of Music, Clarke faced considerable adversity throughout her life, yet persevered as a musician and composer, ultimately emerging as one of the foremost English composers of the interwar era. Her "Poem" for string quartet from 1926 is a standalone piece that keeps us within the sphere of the serenade with its late-romantic expression.

And for those eager to witness the most virtuosic horn performance, you have something to look forward to when we open the concert with Alec-Frank Gemmil as the soloist in Messiaen's Interstellaire.

Tuesday 8 April 7pm

Universitetets Aula


Oliver Messiaen

Appel Interstellaire for solo horn

Nico Muhly

Three songs for tenor, violin and drone 

Rebecca Clarke

Poem for strings

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Eine kleine Nachtmusikk

Benjamin Britten


Oliver Messiaen

Prière du Christ montant vers son Père from L’ascension 


Pekka Kuusisto, artistic director

Allan Claytontenor

Alec Frank-Gemmill, horn

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