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Magical Evening with Mozart


Our most extraordinary experiences often transcend our expectations, elevating us to a level we never thought possible. The magic lies at the intersection where music itself, the performer, and the audience converge, creating a symphony of emotions that surpasses our comprehension. Within these parameters that we cannot fully grasp, a unique unity is forged. While a magician meticulously plans their tricks down to the smallest detail, there exists a profound interdependence between the performer and the audience for music to transcend into a higher realm. It is through this delicate balance that tension escalates, for it to be released.

Tonight, we may not perform magic tricks, but we strive to provide the conditions for Mozart's extraordinary music to guide us into a truly magical evening. We take great pride in presenting two exceptional soloists, both esteemed members of the NCO Collective, who have established themselves as brilliant performers both nationally and internationally. Together, they stand side by side in Mozart's masterful Sinfonia Concertante, creating an exquisite musical dialogue.

Step into the enchanting world of Mozart’s The Magic Flute, in timeless arrangements for string orchestra. Under the artistic direction of Pekka Kuusisto, renowned for his virtuosity and irresistible humour, the opera takes on a new form. Guiding you through this extraordinary universe of storytelling is the tenor Nils Harald Sødal, bringing the emotions of ‘The Magic Flute’ to life.

Tue 21 November 7pm

University Aula


W. A. Mozart  Sinfonia Concertante for violin, viola and orchestra, K. 364

W. A. Mozart  Suite from The Magic Flute


Pekka Kuusisto  artistic director

Nils Harald Sødal  tenor / storyteller

Ludvig Gudim  violin

Eivind H. Ringstad  viola

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