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Christmas with Tine

Over the years, we have had a long and cherished partnership with trumpetist Tine Thing Helseth. This unique collaboration traces back to 2006, when Tine captivated audiences after securing the prestigious 2nd prize in the esteemed European Broadcasting Union's competition for young musicians. Since then, the collective journey has witnessed numerous captivating recordings, concerts and enthralling tours with her. 

One of the projects that holds a special place in our hearts is the enchanting Christmas recording "Mitt hjerte alltid vanker," released in 2009. This musical gem achieved an extraordinary feat by reaching gold sales status within a mere three weeks. Some of you may also remember the concerts we had with her in the hallowed walls of Trinity Church in Oslo.  

As the holiday season approaches once again, we are thrilled to revive the spirit and essence of those beautiful Christmas arrangements from years gone by. While staying true to the captivating melodies that have enchanted audiences for years, we also embark on a journey of renewal, infusing parts of our repertoire with a fresh vibrancy and contemporary flair.

In addition to Tine's exceptional prowess on the trumpet, we are excited to introduce you to her inspiring talent as a singer this evening in the Aula.  

Tue 12 December 7pm

University Aula

Programme to be announced 


Terje Tønnesen  artistic director

Tine Thing Helseth  trumpet

Dennis Storhøi voice and text

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Tue 9 January

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