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Brahms & Muhly

Celebrating the Power of Friendship in Music

Friendship has always played a vital role in the realm of music, serving as a catalyst for creativity and fostering meaningful interactions. Throughout history, strong bonds between musicians have shaped and influenced their artistic endeavours. One such remarkable friendship was shared between Johannes Brahms and Clara Schumann, a connection that profoundly impacted Brahms' compositions. In his later years, Brahms encountered the exceptional clarinetist (and violinist!) Richard Mühlfeld, affectionately referring to him as "my dear Nightingale." This encounter led to the creation of Brahms' chamber work for clarinet, considered one of his most beautiful compositions—a testament to the transformative power of friendship. 

Similar in spirit, Pekka Kuusisto and composer Nico Muhly have cultivated a remarkable friendship over the years. Their collaboration has yielded fruitful results, captivating audiences with their shared artistic vision. The premiere of Kuusisto's commissioned Violin Voncerto, Shrink, marked the first encounter with this dynamic duo, providing a glimpse into their creative synergy. This memorable performance was presented alongside our ensemble, with the concert taking place just one day before Norway entered lockdown in March 2020. Now, four years later, we bring this remarkable piece of music back to the forefront—not only because of its excellence but also because it exemplifies the strength and beauty of deep friendships.

Tue 26 March 7pm

University Aula


Nico Muhly  ‘Shrink’ for violin and strings

Johannes Brahms  Clarinet Quintet in B minor, arranged for solo clarinet and strings


Pekka Kuusisto  artistic director & violin

Björn Nyman  clarinet

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Tue 23 April

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