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Enescu's Octet

Concluding the Season with emotionally resonant program

As the season draws to a close, we invite you join us for an enchanting evening, celebrating the beauty of 'tenderness'. 

Throughout the season, we have curated diverse concert programs, that evoke a distinct atmosphere through carefully chosen themes. During the planning process, we found ourselves in a 'post-pandemic mood,' driven by a collective desire to provide audiences with a fundamental sense of positivity and buoyancy as a lasting impression that lingers as you leave the concert hall.

Our season has explored various themes, celebrating the profoundly positive while also embracing the vulnerable aspects of human experience. Through this careful curation, we hope to have captured a broad spectrum of emotions within the music. And now, the culmination of this year's subscription series invites you to 'a time for tenderness'. Renowned violinist Anthony Marwood has meticulously crafted a program that strikes a delicate balance, setting a fundamental mood without overwhelming us with tender emotions. As the season's concluding piece, we invite you discover a true revelation in the realm of music, Enescu's Octet in an arrangement for string orchestra. 

Tue 23 April 7pm

University Aula


Edward Elgar  Serenade for strings

Trad. / Craig Armstrong Stac Lee - Dusk 

Trad. / James MacMillan Hirta 

Trad. / Craig Armstrong Stac Lee - Dawn 

Trad. / Rebecca Dale Soay 

George Enescu  Octet in C major (arranged for string orchestra by Anthony Marwood)


Anthony Marwood  artistic director / violin

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