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Photo: Norwegian Chamber Orchestra


Ultima 2020: Synne Skouen 70 years 

Tue 15 September kl. 19.00


This concert is included in the following subscription series:

Total series

Terje Tønnesen leader / violin

Øystein Birkeland cello

Hans Christian Bræin clarinet




Finn Mortensen 

Sonata for solo flute (excerpt)

Dalia With

Grues et Nix

Synne Skouen

Autumn Arias for clarinet, cello and strings

Dieter Kaufmann 

Concertomobil (excerpt)

Ragnhild Berstad


Sofia Gubaidulina 

String Quartet No. 4

Arne Nordheim


Composer Synne Skouen is a distinct personality within the Norwegian cultural scene. Through her unique artistry and her previous role as the head of culture for the Norwegian Broadcasting and with her long career in journalism, she has voiced her fearless spirit throughout the changing times. 

This evening offers you the unique opportunity to experience not only her beautiful work written for the NCO, clarinet and cello 'Autumn Arias' but also a selection of works she has put together specially for this occasion - some well-known and some of the hidden gems that we rarely get to experience performed on stage together. 

To give audiences rich context, we have invited journalist Ida Habbestad to lead a conversation with Skouen and offer a vivid introduction to tonight's programme. 

This concert is produced in collaboration with Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music festival.  

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