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Tilbakemeldinger fra publikum: Schönbergs 'Verklärte Nacht'

Publikum rundt om i verden har gitt ros og tilbakemeldinger på vår forestilling av Schönbergs Verklärte Nacht gjennom Youtube-kanalen vår.

Her er noen av våre favoritter:

Norwegian Chamber Orchestra’s presentation has the total dedication and the components which make a very fulfilling rendition of possibly the pinnacle piece of late-romantic music. - tuttifiddler

Treated with utmost care, thrilling drama, and fantastic romanticism throughout. A thoroughly phenomenal recording of a phenomenal piece.– John Optegrove

Almost overwhelming even on Youtube - not sure I could have quite coped with it live! Marvelous musicianship.– raoul2u

Skulle ønske jeg kunne vært der. Helt utrolig! – Petterk1945

Stunning! NCO’s performance of this piece blows out of the water every single one I've ever heard. – Dion Baillargeon

Total presentation, musically compelling and exciting. I would love to hear this group perform live.– E Mack

This is IT! – Martin Merayo

That's the kind of drama we need in our lives - raycurt

Absolutely remarkable – Joseph Prestamo

Simply arresting – Bert Carter

All by heart? Sensational!!!! Bravo! – Lipot Auer

We hear the hearts beating – Kol Nidrei

Unbelievable! – Sofia Dugic

This is the by far most compelling performance I’ve ever seen / heard of this piece. – Paolo Reyes

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