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Photo:Felix Broede

Kuusisto plays Bach and Mazzoli 

Tue 27 April 7pm

University Aula

This concert is included in the following subscription series:

Aula series

Total series

Aula Gold series

Pekka Kuusisto artistic leader / violin




Andrea Tarrodi

Birds of Paradise

Missy Mazzoli


Missy Mazzoli

You know me from here

Johan Sebastian Bach

Violin Concerto in E-major

Johan Sebastian Bach

Aria and canons from Goldberg Variations


Our new Artistic Director Pekka Kuusisto presents an exciting programme, in which he sets the old against the new, or side by side if you'd like.

Bach's Violin Concerto in E-major is a favourite for many, and Pekka Kuusisto a remarkable musician of uncommon sensibility to deliver one of Baroque's finest concertos. The concert also features two works by the American composer Missy Mazzoli. Vespers for solo violin an ominous twist on an ancient musical and religious tradition, with which Mazzoli was nominated for Grammy in category for Best Classical Composition in 2018. 

The concert comes to a close with Bach's aria and canons from the Goldberg Variations in an arrangement for string orchestra. 

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