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Hørbar // Lorenza Borrani 

Wed 10 June 7:30pm


This concert is included in the

following subscription series: 


Total series


Lorenza Borrani artistic leader / violin
Musicians from the NCO 


Lorenza Borrani directs the orchestra in another programme of depth and passion in a concert that concludes our Hørbar-series this season. 

Alongside one of Haydn's pieces from the previous night, this concert sees the NCO at its most versatile in a combination of chamber and orchestral works. Rest of the programme will be announced from the stage - a surprise well worth waiting for. But the one thing you can be sure of - our musicians will take you on a musical ride that is wonderfully imaginative and artistically daring. 

Doors open at 7pm and the concert commences from 7:30pm.  

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