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Foto: Bård Gundersen

Haydn and Beethoven

Wed 11 November 5pm & 7pm

Thu 12 November 5pm & 7pm


This concert is included in the following subscription series:

Aula series

Aula Gold series

Total series

* In compliance with Oslo's health regulations and on the advice of health officials in the face of covid-19, we have cancelled this concert. 

Lorenza Borrani artistic leader / violin

Johan Osuldsen director

Cårejånni Enderud costume

Actor to be announced



Joseph Haydn 

Symphony No. 60 in C major, 'Il Distratto'

Ludwig van Beethoven

String Quartet No. 14, Op. 131, arr. for string orchestra


For our last concert with this year's guest artistic director Lorenza Borrani, we have chosen two Classical works for string orchestra.  

Written in 1826, the year before Beethoven's death, the String Quartet Op. 131 is one of his most revelatory late string quartets. It was also the composer's favourite one - the work that leaves behind everything which came before, including Beethoven's earlier works, and moves into a new dimension. 

It is however Haydn's Symphony that opens the evening. The six-movement No. 60 from 1774 began life as incidental music to a French play, Le distrait (The absent-minded man) by Jean-François Regnard. Haydn was an astounding composer, and humour was one part of his wonderful art. In this Symphony, we find Haydn at his absolute boldest - he undermines every expectation and shows just how far off-base he can take his musical argument and still stay within acceptable Classical-period bounds. To provide a vivid context for this remarkable piece, we have invited Johan Osuldsen to direct a witty theatrical showpiece to the music. 

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