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Photo : David Boni


François Leleux conductor / oboe


Felix Mendelssohn

Hebrides Overture, Op. 26

Igor Stravinsky

Pulcinella Suite  

Felix Mendelssohn

Songs without words for oboe and strings 

Felix Mendelssohn

Symphony No. 4 'Italian' in A-major 

Celebrated as one of the world's greatest oboists, François Leleux makes a welcome return with his dazzling oboe wizardry, and when, in addition, he stands on the podium with a baton, we know that we are in for a rare musical treat.  

The Hebrides, the Songs without Words and the 'Italian' Symphony are three of Mendelssohn's finest classics, each embodying his sumptuous orchestral writing. Romantic spirit and vibrant capacity for melody perfectly captivating the sense of drama. 

Over the course of Leleux's last visits to oslo, he has developed a special project with the Norwegian visual artist, Karin Køltzow, in which she made drawings from the rehearsals with us and the Oslo Philharmonics. Tonight, she is invited to inspire us with her visual interpretation of the orchestra's music-making through the instruments of her own - canvas and charcoal. 
Just as the concert commences inside the Aula, she will set about creating the drawings from the University Square which will be directly transmitted to the screen behind the orchestra, allowing the audience to witness the creative process both on stage and outside. 

German Romantics with French charm

Tue 12 November 7pm 

University Aula

This concert is included in the following subscription series:

Aula series

Total series

Gold series

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