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Foto: Alvin Santos

A special occasion for the special season. Marking this joyous time of the year, we invite our wonderful audience to a musical Christmas celebration with us. 

This evening, we have invited some of our friends with whom we have played together in recent months, but in the centre of it all, you will find the NCO's own musicians - both in chamber settings and as full orchestra. 

Programme is yet to be disclosed, but you can be assured of a memorable musical feast with Christmas music and so much more. 

The Marble Hall in Sentralen offers other possibilities which you won't find find in the Aula. Here you can fetch a drink or two at the adjacent bar before you find yourself a table or nestle into a sofa to enjoy the concert. We believe our 'Hørbar' series will give you a different concert experience - not because the music itself is different, but because much of what is associated with classical concert will be given a much greater diversity and flexibility. 

Doors open at 7pm and the concert commences at 7:30pm.

Christmas Special

Tirsdag 3. desember kl. 19.30


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