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Photo: Piera Mungiguerra


Lorenza Borrani artistic director / violin

Clara Andrada flute

Elina Albach cembalo



Johann Sebastian Bach

Triple Concerto in a-minor for cembalo, flute and violin

Felix Mendelssohn

String Quintet No. 2 

Felix Mendelssohn

Symphony for Strings No. 10 in b-minor

Johann Sebastian Bach

Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 in D-major, BWV 1050

Lorenza Borrani is soaring as one of the new stars in the sacred realm of orchestral directors. With all her versatility and vitality, she reincarnates the travelling virtuosos of the 18th century - just as today - when the most sought after musicians were in demand in all of the great music centres of Europe, and now also all the way from Australia, the USA and to us here up North. 

We are proud to present Lorenza Borrani as our artist in residence in 2020. 
When she first visited us in the fall of 2017, she left a deep musical imprint on our musicians, described by many as "some of the best aritsts who have been with us". This time, she leads a thrilling virtuoso programme of Bach and Mendelssohn where she alternates between the roles of soloist and orchestra leader. 


Lorenza Borrani 

Kjøp billett

Tue 11 February 7pm

University Aula

This concert is included in the following subscription series:

Aula series

Total series

Gold series

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