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Season Opening «Debut»

Photo: Bård Gundersen

The University Aula is inseparably linked to the very first public debut of an artist. However, as traditions evolve, the opportunity to witness young performers stepping onto the stage for the first time, facing both the audience's eager anticipation and the critical gaze of experts, has become increasingly rare. Yet, a debut remains an uplifting and anticipatory moment—one that ignites an extra spark of excitement with each new appearance. It is precisely this feeling that this concert seeks to recreate, both during our season opening and throughout the entire season.

In reviving the essence of debuts, we have invited some of young and talented Norwegian composers to create new works for us. This unique opportunity not only allows these emerging personalities in the Norwegian music scene to showcase their remarkable talents but also provides us with a chance to become acquainted with their music. 

First up is Anna Berg, a young composer who has already garnered significant attention despite her tender age. Together, we have the privilege of setting the atmosphere from the very first note, as we embark on a season guided by our overarching theme: Uplift. Through a carefully curated program, we aspire to infuse each performance with a sense of inspiration, optimism, and a collective spirit of elevation.

Tue 29 August 7:00 pm

University Aula


Anna Berg 

Returnal (world premiere)

Jean Sibelius 

6 Humoresques for violin and orchestra

Ludwig van Beethoven

Symphony No. 1 in C major


Pekka Kuusisto  artistic director

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Tue 17 October

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