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Upcoming concerts


Tue 12.05 7pm  University aula

Grosse Fuge

Anderson New commissioned work for cello og orkester

Beethoven String Quartet NO. 13 in B major


Terje Tønnesen, artistic director 

Alban Gerhardt, cello

Frank Stewart_Lornez#6211C6 from Savanna

Tue 9.06 7pm University aula

Borrani and Haydn

Haydn Sinfonia Concertante in B major

Haydn Symphony No. 60 in C major

Lorenza Borrani, artistic director / violin

Maria Alba Carmona Tobella, oboe

Michele Fattori, bassoon

Louisa Tuckcello


Wed 10.06 7:30pm  Sentralen

Hørbar // Lorenza Borrani


Lorenza Borrani, artistic director

Musicians of the NCO

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