Upcoming concerts

Tue 3.12 7:30pm  Sentralen

Christmas Special

Musicians from the NCO with guest artists 

Doors open 7pm and the concert commences fra 8pm.

Tue 11.02 7pm University aula

Lorenza Borrani

Bach Triple Concerto, BWV 1044

Mendelssohn String Quintet No. 2

Mendelssohn Symphony for Strings No. 10

Bach Brandenburg Concerto No. 5, BWV 1050

Lorenza Borrani, artistic director / violin

Clara Andrada, flute

Elena Albach, cembalo

Tue 10.03 7pm University aula

Pekka Kuusisto

Nico Muhly Violin Concerto

Beethoven Symphony No. 7 in A-major

plus musical surprises

Pekka Kuusisto, artistic director / violin

Wed 11.03 7:30pm Sentralen

Hørbar // Pekka Kuusisto

Pekka Kuusisto, artistic director

Musikere fra Det Norske Kammerorkester 

Tue 21.04 7pm  University aula

Fanny og Felix

Mendelssohn  Symfoni for strykere nr. 12

Bach Vor deinen Thron tret ich hiermit

Hindemith Trauermusik for bratsj og strykere 

Gubaidulina Meditasjon over 'Trauermusik for bratsj og strykere'

Fanny Mendelssohn Strykekvartett i Ess-dur

Malin Bromankunstnerisk leder / fiolin

Tue 12.05 7pm  University aula

Grosse Fuge

Anderson New commissioned work for cello og orkester

Beethoven String Quartet NO. 13 in B major


Terje Tønnesen, artistic director 

Alban Gerhardt, cello

Tue 9.06 7pm University aula

Borrani and Haydn

Haydn Sinfonia Concertante in B major

Haydn Symphony No. 60 in C major

Lorenza Borrani, artistic director / violin

Maria Alba Carmona Tobella, oboe

Michele Fattori, bassoon

Louisa Tuckcello

Wed 10.06 7:30pm  Sentralen

Hørbar // Lorenza Borrani


Lorenza Borrani, artistic director

Musicians of the NCO

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