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Foto: Phil Sharp

Experience the Beauty of Musical Melancholy


In a captivating exploration of emotions, this evening delves into the enigmatic realm of melancholy. Celebrated in art, and particularly in music, melancholy is regarded as a delicate essence that must be nurtured like a vulnerable plant, for it holds the key to extraordinary experiences. Within the variations of melancholy—from a gentle touch of sadness to the depths of despair—music finds its unmatched ability to convey these emotional landscapes.

In this concert, we invite you to embrace the lighter shades of melancholy on the emotional spectrum. Drawing inspiration from the Baroque's doleful sentiments, the fervour of Beethoven, and the romantic flirtations of Dvořák, we embark on a journey that transcends time. Furthermore, the soul-stirring strings of our contemporary age, meticulously composed by the renowned Caroline Shaw, join this melodic tapestry.


Prepare to be transported through an emotional ocean, as we explore the intricate nuances of melancholy, where tears may flow, but spirits shall soar. On this winter evening, we culminate our concert with a strikingly contrasting piece—a grand finale that concludes with exuberance.


Oliver Leith's new work has been co-commissioned by the Manchester Collective and the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra, and is funded by the British Council's International Collaboration Grants.

Tue 13 February 7pm 

University Aula


Antonio Vivaldi  Concerto for strings in g minor, Rv156

AntonÍn Dvořák  Notturno for strings

Oliver Leith  will o wisp (Scandinavian premiere) 

Caroline Shaw  Plan & Elevation

Ludwig van Beethoven  Cavatina from String Quartet No. 13, Op. 130

Inger Hannisdal Løvsanger (World premiere)

Wojciech Kilar  Orawa – Symphonic poem


Rakhi Singh  artistic director

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Tue 26 March

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