Photo:  Odd E. Nerbø

Beethoven #9 Recomposed

Sun 15 November 7pm

Norwegian Opera and Ballett

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Norwegian Chamber Orchestra




Håkon Berge

Ludwig van Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 Recomposed


How do we place Beethoven in our own time, and how does today's youth  embrace him and make him his own? This was the starting point for our search for our orchestra's unique approach to Beethoven's iconic Symphony No. 9. 

We decided to go bold, fully aware of the risks involved. Probably the way Beethoven must have felt, imprisoned in silence while writing his tribute to life. We live in a society with information- and impression overloads. At the same time, we have a global deficit on the humanistic legacy that Beethoven poured his music with.
Hope and joy are the building blocks of humanism, and for us, everything fell into place when Fargespill tok the challenge from us - to perform Beethoven's 9th together with the NCO, but make it their own. 

Through a special collaboration with Fargespill and composer / arranger Håkon Berge, we have recomposed and reimagines the last movement of Beethoven's Symphony. Experience a new sound world, where the NCO stands side by side with the Fargespill's artists from all over the world. 

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